College Students Should Be Thinking About Machine Learning

Recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges an Employers (NACE) has good news for the class of 2019. The organization is forecasting employers will increase graduate hiring by 16.6 percent from 2018.

However, students who are becoming postgraduates this year should remember that not all jobs are created equal. As such, they should aspire to enter a field with a lot of growth potential as well as high pay.

Accordingly, college students entering the job market this year should consider the benefits of a career in machine learning.

Tech Jobs Pay Well

Recently, employment site Indeed released its Best Jobs of 2019 study. Indeed reports that many of the best paying jobs are in the tech sector. Specifically, full-stack developers, robotics engineers, and Salesforce developers all rank near the top of the list.

Consequently, college graduates who choose to make their careers in those sectors will be able to pay off school loans, purchase property, and save for the future at rates much higher than their peers. However, as lucrative and stable as those sectors are, they pale in comparison to machine learning.

Machine learning is the study and development of algorithms used by computers to perform tasks, both simple and complicated. With the onset of IoT devices in smart homes, hospitals, and really everywhere, this subset of artificial intelligence (AI) is in high demand.

Indeed reports the average machine learning engineer makes $146,085 a year. As such, workers in that field are paid better than almost any other. Moreover, the study indicates that the need for AI specialists has skyrocketed recently. Between 2015 and 2018, the field saw a 344 percent increase in job postings.

Why Machine Learning Expert are in such Demand

Anyone unfamiliar with industry 4.0 may be confused as to why careers in machine learning pay better than those in medicine or litigation. To start, industry 4.0 refers to the process of integrating AI and machine learning tools into established sectors.

Right now, smart systems are reshaping entire industries on a profound level, none more so than medicine.

In San Francisco, a doctor developed an algorithm that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease years before its actual onset. Similarly, a Singaporean startup is using machine learning to bring personalized preventive care to nearly half a million Asian workers. Also, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed an AI module that helps doctors more effectively treat cancer patients.

Today's innovative AI solutions will save millions of lives in the future. Accordingly, some of the world’s biggest corporations have taken notice and are investing big in AI development.

For instance, Google spent $400 million to acquire a cutting-edge machine learning startup called DeepMind AI in 2014. Since then, the firm found a new way to detect sight-threatening diseases.

Big Tech’s interest in healthcare AI has allowed related startups to raise $4.3 billion since 2013. And medicine is only one of many industries smart systems are revolutionizing. The global machine learning development boom is projected to generate $90 billion in AI spending by 2025.

Next Steps for Interested College Students

Students who will become undergraduates this year have a few different options if they want to pursue a career in AI. One step would be to become well-versed in common machine learning algorithms and programming languages. Another would be to look into the leading postgraduate machine learning programs.

Additionally, students should also consider attending April’s HardwareCon 2019. The theme of this year’s event is how innovations in AI and machine learning are impacting hardware development. As such, attendees will be able to check out some of the sector’s leading companies, network with industry leaders, and find out where the field as a whole is going.

Machine learning engineering should rank high on any college student’s potential careers list. Because of the field’s exceptional demand and high salaries, the sector presents a clear pathway to long-term economic stability.

Moreover, starting a career in AI and machine learning development means taking an active role in making the world a better place.

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