Surcle Launches New Features

Welcome back, engineers!

We are excited to officially announce Surcle’s brand new look, shiny new features, and carefully refined user experience for our awesome community!

To sum it up simply: you spoke, and we listened.

While crowdsourcing––or crowd-engineering, as we’ve come to call it––is still our leading passion at Surcle, we wanted to include additional avenues for engineers of all experience levels to find incredible projects and challenges to participate in!

Our new features include:

Engineer Matchmaking: We connect talented professionals and freelancers to Design & Engineering projects represented by various leading firms and startups! For those of you seeking new jobs or opportunities, this one's for YOU!

Project Marketplace: We host an open call for bids against hardware and engineering projects that have been vetted and defined with specific requirements! Are you in a firm? Are you looking for projects to keep you busy? Bid on live projects HERE!

Challenge Builder: Use our global network to your advantage! Surcle will host your project, YOU build out a hardware challenge for OUR engineers to undertake! This one is for the DIY startups, the hardware entrepreneurs, and the college tinkerers looking to accelerate their hardware development!

Along with our new features, we have also streamlined our registration process for both engineers and challenge sponsors! A HUGE thank you to those of you who helped provide input into creating a smoother experience for our amazing community!

New challenges are coming soon, keep up with our social media and blog to be the first to get in on exciting engineering opportunities and rewards!

All the best,


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